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Ah.....I'm so relaxed after my Tuesday morning YOGA session! That's the way we end every practice session after an hour of doing poses we have learned.  We begin every session having each person identify any problems they are experiencing, eg. low back pain.  This, then is included in the things that we practice. I have gone to Michele about seven years now and have improved my balance, strength, and breathing capacity. You are never too old - I have just celebrated my 90th birthday!"

"I began taking Yoga from Michele 14 years ago. I sustained a fractured spine in an automobile accident 26 years ago, and Yoga has truly made all the difference in helping me to live my life, fully functioning! At age 65, I feel Yoga contributes to my overall health and wellness...mind, body, and soul. Michele has a gift for listening to her students' needs and gently assisting individuals with appropriate postures. She incorporates breathing techniques and meditation, which I find greatly enhance the Yoga experience."



"Michele’s yoga classes have helped me more than she will ever know. The degree of chronic pain I experienced daily (neck and upper back) when I began classes in 2012 has now become almost non-existent. I have not felt this good for over 30 years and I feel this is primarily due to Michele. Her therapeutic yoga class has been my salvation and I will always be grateful to Michele and her knowledgeable instruction. Thank you for giving me my life back!"


"I started chair yoga with Michele to increase my breathing capacity. 
She also custom designed a yoga practice for me that I do at home. 
Yoga really works! I breathe easier and the gentle movements have 
increased my flexibility and eased chronic pain.”



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